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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wireless Headphone Adapter The Sony Bluetooth Adapter wireless

The Wireless Headphone Adapter I like is the Sony Bluetooth Transmitter and Adapter for iPod and Mp3 Players, Why because it's the only one I own and it was reasonable in price, plus you have the Sony name, and when it comes to music Sony has not sold out to anyone, They are around in name and support . I have had several Sony products and though some of the features such as cords , do not intermingle with other brand names , that has been my only issue with Sony Electronics. The Wireless Headphone Industry as a whole is in uproar about getting their no name material out, So Stick with a name you know and has been in the business for a while, Sony. Here are some of the Adapters benefits  I have just written an article on these adapters go check it out at Streetarticles.com look for Christopher Hyer, and find the Article called "Brain Waves, The Wireless Headphone Adapter"   "streetarticles.com"
  • Wireless trasmission from player to compatible devices
  • Compact, rechargeable unit for portable use
  • Universal connection to any portable music player
  • Bluetooth1 version 2.0, A2DP profile
  • Gold-plated stereo mini plug

Sony Bluetooth Transmitter and Adapter for iPod and MP3 Players

Besides that its a Sony look at the Sleek design of this Cord, Like it really matters, yet it compliments the decor of anything, and it's cool looking. Yet Buy It for the Quality, Sony Style.
The Wireless Headphone Adapter, the last one you will need. 


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